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Invert Robotics


Ireland, Dublin


2010 (about 14 years ago)

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10 to 50

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Production Vertical

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Program 2024

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Plug and Play‘s Overview of Invert Robotics

Invert Robotics safely inspects assets using no human entry Robotic Inspection Technology. Invert Robotics’s solution eliminates the risks of human entry into confined spaces and provides accurate asset inspections by offering robotic, data-driven NDT inspection technology.

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RoboScan: Precision and Safety in Automated Defense Manufacturing

in cooperation with the STARTUP AUTOBAHN partner DXC Technology

For our client, welding is a significant contributor to production costs, encompassing both human welding and quality control. Currently, welding quality checking is done by hand, which is expensive and requires labor in an unsafe setting. Assisting the client in their global quest for a technological fix, DXC conducted a business case study and technological scouting. The study highlighted the necessity of automated inspections in order to improve accuracy, streamline the procedure, and—above all—protect human inspectors from dangerous surroundings. 

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recycling, wireless technology, robotic applications, seamless inspections and neural networks


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